What makes a successful packaging design?

The success of your product is largely determined by the quality of your packaging design.  A successful piece of packaging does a lot more than simply contain the product.  To be successful it should also communicate something to the public and entice people to buy the product. Humans are very visual creatures and we often make our buying decisions based on the way a product looks, or the image or message that it is portrays, which is why it’s so important that your packaging is professional and visually appealing. We’ve come up with five essential qualities of a successful packaging design to help you to design packaging that will make your product stand out from the crowd. Originality Your product is more likely to stand out from the crowd if the packaging design is a little bit different to everyone else’s.  If your product is eye-catching and looks like it is offering something new and exciting that you can’t get from competitors then people are more likely to change their buying habits for your product. Aesthetically pleasing It’s not just what’s on the inside that counts; it’s what’s on the outside too.  People are shallower than perhaps we like to admit, a large part of our decision process is based on which product looks the most attractive to us. Honest It’s important to make sure that your product’s packaging gives an honest representation of your product and is not misleading in any way.  Misleading packaging can lead to disappointed customers and a bad reputation for your product. Impact If you want your packaging to be noticed and get results then you need to create a design that has impact.  Your design should be clear, easy to see, vibrant and bold in order to make it stand out and get noticed. Clarity Your packaging should communicate a clear message to your audience.  It should tell them what your product is, what your unique selling points are, and clearly communicate your brand’s image and message.  If your packaging leaves people feeling confused or unclear upon their first glance then they will quickly move on and disregard your product.