The psychology behind packaging colour

When it comes to the packaging for your product, have you ever stopped to consider how the colour of your boxes or bags might impact on your brand image? The psychology of colour is the subject of many studies. The way that certain colours reflect light back to our brains has been proven to have an impact on the way we feel about an object, room, or a even person. The use of colour in branding and packaging can have a big impact on how your products and your brand as a whole is perceived by consumers. We’ve put together a brief guide to what different colours can represent to get you thinking:

  • White: Traditionally the colour white relates to innocence and equality. However, in terms of packaging it can be seen as playing safe and being unadventurous; but it can also be used to create the impression of purity and simplicity. When paired with black it gives off a feeling of sophistication and class, for example Chanel.
  • Black: The colour of power and authority. When used in packaging, black makes products appear more expensive and substantial. On the one hand black gives your brand and products a degree of mystery, while on the other hand it adds class and prestige. Pairing black with silver or gold adds perceived value to your brand, whilst pairing it with red has sexual connotations.
  • Blue: When you think of the colour blue things like honesty, trust and reliability probably come to mind. Blue can also be a very calming colour. So if you’re looking for packaging that makes people perceive your brand as reliable, uniformed and strong whilst offering a relaxing shopping experience then blue could be a good choice.
  • Green: The colour green most commonly occurs in nature, so it’s no wonder that this colour invokes feelings of balance, harmony and growth. In terms of packaging, green is often used by companies that want to convey their organic or eco-friendly ways. Dark green, especially when paired with silver, exudes elegance and sophistication.
  • Red: Traditionally the colour red has been used to symbolise energy, passion and excitement. Red packaging will draw attention to your product and brand, exciting your customers and stimulating their senses. Dark reds are often perceived as luxurious and professional, especially when paired with silver or gold.