5 Packaging design trends taking 2014 by storm

If you look at packaging designs over the years you’ll find that the packaging industry is subject to certain styles and trends just like every other industry.   Although the style of packaging that you choose to promote your brand with is a very personal choice you may benefit from drawing inspiration or ideas from current packaging designs trends.   2014 has barely begun but we’ve already noticed a few fantastic, attractive packaging design trends that are taking 2014 by storm.   Eco-friendly As a nation we’re becoming increasingly more considerate of the environment.  People everywhere are beginning to worry about wasting paper and using too many plastic bags, which is why eco-friendly packaging is also soaring in popularity.  Environmentally packaging can still be beautiful and stylish, just without the guilt.   Minimalistic Less is more when it comes to packaging design this year.  Bold, simple, clean and minimalistic packaging designs stands out from the shelves and present a clear, direct message to customers.   Clear and white White and transparent packaging is minimalistic, simple and clean whilst also giving customers a sneak peek of your product.   Illustrated Curious and attractive illustrations will immediately draw attention to your packaging design.  Stylish and whimsical illustrations are a great way of making your product fun and interesting.   Kraft paper Kraft paper is an environmentally friendly material that has become so popular for use in packaging design that it deserves a mention in its own right.  The overall look created by using Kraft paper is stylish, crafty and sustainable.  Kraft paper is particularly effective when used alongside edgy, graphic design.